A Grunt-Enabled Head-Start

The building blocks to quickly get started with Grunt to create an optimized website. Lint, minify and concatenate CSS and Javascript and provide simple lossless image compression throughout a project build.

GruntStart includes the H5BP, jQuery, Modernizr and Respond, with the right amount of abstraction to quickly integrate with the latest CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, CSS preprocessors like SASS or Javascript MVC solutions like Backbone.

Created by Tim Svensen

Quick Start

  1. Clone or download GruntStart
  2. Run npm install from the command line at the project root to install grunt and grunt plugins
  3. Run grunt watch from the command line within the project
  4. Build your project
  5. Keep tabs on the watch task output as custom CSS and Javascript files are saved
  6. When going to production make sure to use the custom Modernizr build, only testing for exactly what you need. See /js/vendor/

Take a closer look at index.html to

Learn More

Check out the documentation

Merrick Christensen's Grunt workflow article is highly recommended along with the Grunt documentation.